A little something

I was honored to do a small photoshoot for my co-worker during October for their pumpkin patch with their kids. I must say I think my specialty in photography is children. I love taking photos of children because they are just such happy little people.

I decided to do something new when presenting my co-worker’s family their photos. I included a gift box this way they would have something memorable to look back with my photoshoots. The gift box includes the following:

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Small Studio

I decided to do a little ghetto set up to take photos of my shoes so I can sell them on Poshmark and Ebay. Let me say it took me a really long time to get it set up correctly, but it’s do-able for now. Kind of funny how everything looks super ghetto from my point of view, but the results look semi-decent. I used a light box (on the left) to brighten up the left side because the shadows were too harsh when the right flash triggered. I lacked another flash, so it was really hard to find some sort of middle ground. I tried using a bouncer as well, but it didn’t work as well as having a light box. Had to make do with what I had at home. Read More