I discovered hand lettering about 2-3 years ago. It started out as something I wanted to learn just so that I could have it under my “belt” for when or if I ever get married. This way I wouldn’t have to pay for a calligrapher. I figured why not? 

I started off practicing and about 2-5 days later I got pretty decent. I did my first chalkboard art for my friend’s wedding and it came out pretty decent. I wasn’t sure what to charge, but I did it for a fair price. (see photo below)

Then, people at my work started to notice I calligraphy. At the time, I wasn’t too confident about my calligraphy skills (I mean, I just started…). I was still trying to understand the ink consistency and playing with the fountain pen and nib that I wasn’t really too comfortable about calligraphing a certificate… which my work had asked me to do. Of course, I reluctantly said yes and it turned out pretty decent. Still could use some work, but presentable enough.

I continued to practice and practice… almost everyday I tried to come up with some creative way to spice up my hand lettering skills.

Recently, I took on a really big project with my cousin’s donut shop. Most of her chalkboard signs are written by me unless they were digitalized. Then, someone from another restaurant loved the artwork I did and requested for my information.

So, this brings me to the reason why I decided to write this post. I will be now servicing Calligraphy. It will be part of my services and I figured it goes hand-in-hand with my photography service!

I hope to provide a beautiful way to spice up anyone’s life up with either my photography or hand lettering skills!

(applause in the distance)

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